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VAS 49’ER 11PC GOLD PANNING WEEKEND EXCURSION PACK 1CL3– ½” Sand/Dirt Sifter Classifier, 2 Green Gold Pans, Paydirt Scoop, 4 PC Tweezer Set, 2 Flowers (Gold) Eureka Tins


Brand: VAS First Response


  • 11 Pc Gold Panning Kit
  • (1) Classifier 1/2"
  • (2) Green Gold Pans: 1 14" & 1 12"
  • (1) Prospectors Paydirt Scoop
  • 7 Pc Fines & Flowers Kit; (2) Suction Tweezers, (1) Blue Plastic Tweezer, (1) Magnigying Tweezer, (1) Snifter Bottles (2) Eureka Tins for Found Gold Flowers, Dust & Nuggets


Getting Ready for a Gold Panning Excursion, This is a must have kit for your gold panning adventure. Our 49'er Products are used by Professionals and Hobbyists alike, and we ship them world wide. The kit is comprised of the following

Gold Paydirt & Sand Sifter: (1) Classifier fits on top of a standard 5 gallon Bucket, Made of PP Green Plastic Rim, with 304 Stainless Steel Mesh, Dimensions: Top Diameter: 13-1/4" • Bottom Diameter: 11". Place the sifter on top of your bucket, Scoop your paydirt or sand into Classifier, sifts out large debris, dirt and rocks. Don't forget to check for nuggets.

2 Gold Pans: (1) 14" Durable Plastic Gold Pan with 3 Ridges & Water Sprout. Dimensions: Diameter 14", Depth: 2-5/8" & (1) 12" with Dual Riffles: (1) 3 x 1/4" Deep Riffles, (2) Micro Riffles. Pour contents from larger pan into smaller pan for more precise panning of fine gold dust. Our Gold Pans come in colors preferred most by Professionals, Green, Black & Blue. As the gold stands out against the colored pan.

8 Pc Must Have 49'er Fines & Flowers Set: (1) Prospectors Heavy Duty Scoop manufactured especially for gold panning, the durable scoop is 12.5 inches long,
4 49'er Tweezer Set: (1) Magnifying Tweezer, (1) Blue Plastic Tweezer, 2 Plastic Suction Tweezers.
2 49'er Eureka Tins, For holding your found gold, Dimension: 2" Dia x 7/8", Aluminum Body, Clear Glass Top Lid.
1 Plastic Snifter Bottle - Great for Use when Gold Panning, Cleaning at Home or Offices Etc . The Fines & Flowers Set answers the question of how to get small fine gold out of the pan and into the Eureka Tin once you find it.