Turbo Pan 1V_TP-10-BLACK 10" Black Gold Pan Vortex Action


Turbo Pan 1V_TP-10-BLACK 10" Black Gold Pan Vortex Action


Brand: Turbo Pan

Color: Black


  • Pan gold easier and quicker than any other gold pan due to "vortex action" which quickly and easily spins the gold to the bottom of the pan. .
  • Compact 10" size is great for a cleanup pan, and easy to backpack for prospecting.
  • Many riffles to catch and trap the gold, with micro riffles for the fine work.
  • High quality - made in use.
  • Instruction pamphlet is included, and instructional videos are on YouTube.

Details: The turbopan was invented to quickly & easily pan gold. it will reduce your panning time by at least 50%, due to the "Vortex action" & the amount of riffles in the pan. it also acts like a sluice box, but in pan form. No other gold pan is faster!

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