8" Blue Plastic Gold Pan

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8" Blue Plastic Gold Pan

$5.00 $10.00
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  • 8” Blue Plastic Gold Pan with Two Different Types of Riffles.

    • Dual Riffles:
    (1)3 x 1/4” Deep Riffles
    (2)Micro Riffles
     • Diameter : 8"
     • Color : Blue

    Why Choose Plastic Gold Pan over Traditional Metal Pans?
    • Plastic does not rust or corrode.
    • The shallow and deep riffles trap the gold better, making your pan as effective as a sluice box.
    • Plastic weighs a lot less than metal pans.
    • The color stays true in the plastic pan so the gold flakes are easier to see.
    • The 1/8-inch deep round base optimizes your gold trapping ability.
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