Practical Mining and Gold Processing for the Small Scale Operator

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Practical Mining and Gold Processing for the Small Scale Operator

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Author: A. R. C. Matuska

Brand: A R C Matuska


  • Practical Mining and Gold Processing for the Small Scale Operator

ISBN: 1612049524

Number Of Pages: 356

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC

Details: Where does a wannabe miner or established individual operator get the information to create a small yet highly profitable mining company? When author A R C Matuska searched for simple, practical mining books and information about the industry, he found high-powered studies, academic theses and computer modeling. In short, nothing of use to the small, practical mine operator. The best information he found was in booklets aimed at ex-servicemen after World War II, encouraging them to take up mining in the British colonies in Africa. Since then, there has not been much written in such a useful and practical manner. To answer this need, a veritable goldmine of information is included in the book Practical Mining and Gold Processing for the Small Scale Operator. Where does a newcomer to the industry find out how to sample and calculate a potential resource and plan his mining business? Where does he get the information to run a small ball mill or stamp mill? How does he set up and dress a simple amalgam plate, retort some amalgam or make up a retort, and calculate the percentage of gold in bullion? Where does a small operator find out how to set up a low-cost cyanide plant and its running procedures? And how does he improve mining and blasting efficiencies? This book provides practical applications and solutions to get you started in one of the most diverse, profitable and interesting industries. It is indexed in detail so information can be easily found without sifting through realms of data. A R C Matuska is a career miner. He owns and consults for several mining properties in East and Central Africa. Publisher's website:

EAN: 9781612049526

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