Junior Mining Investor: 14 Natural Resource Experts Show You How to Invest Profitably in Emerging Gold, Silver, Platinum, Base Metals, and Uranium Mining and Exploration Stocks


Junior Mining Investor: 14 Natural Resource Experts Show You How to Invest Profitably in Emerging Gold, Silver, Platinum, Base Metals, and Uranium Mining and Exploration Stocks


Author: Kevin Corcoran

Brand: Brand: Corcoran Publications

Edition: 1st


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ISBN: 0979533503

Number Of Pages: 202

Publisher: Corcoran Publications

Details: Junior Mining Investor brings together the combined wisdom of 14 mining-industry veterans to reveal how they make money speculating, trading and investing in junior mining and exploration stocks. These issues trade like no other sector and the potential to double or even triple your investment in 2-3 days means you have to be in the right stock at the precise time. Each succinct chapter presents the author's strategy and offers step-by-step guidance on implementing it for maximum profits.

These analysts are newsletter writers, hedge fund managers, discovery geologists, and industry veterans who have one thing in common: a winning record and proven philosophy in the ever-changing gold and resource stock market. They understand the key fundamentals to investing in the resource sector and have created life-changing wealth for many of their clients.

Gold, silver, platinum, uranium, nickel, copper and various other base metals have been in a bull market since 2001 and will most likely continue for many years as the economic growth in China, India, Brazil, and Russia demands ever-increasing amounts of the world's raw materials.

One of the best ways to invest in these commodities is through mining and exploration companies that explore for, discover, develop and mine these valuable resources.

Junior mining and explorations stocks provide exposure to the metals market. And since they have a 'small' market capitalization, typically between $10 and $300 million, these companies offer great leverage and the chance to multiply your money rapidly, if done correctly.

In Junior Mining Investor, you will learn how to buy and sell stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and Canada's Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX-Venture - where over 60% of the world's exploration companies are listed. Many of these companies do not trade on the broad U.S. exchanges, so it is critical that you understand how to access these foreign markets.

This book is for investors who wish to gain the necessary fundamentals to speculate in this exciting, dynamic, and profitable market. Small-cap junior mining and exploration stocks are a proven way to play the current bull market in precious metals, base metals and uranium. And with the right knowledge, many investors are making big gains.

Authors include: David Morgan, The Silver-Investor; Brian Fagan, Stocks and Speculations; Adrian Day, Adrian Day Asset Management; Jason Hommel, The Silver Stock Report; Dr. Russell McDougal, Investor's Daily Edge; Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence; Ken Gerbino, Kenneth J. Gerbino and Company; Neil Charnock, Gold Oz; Clif Droke, ClifDroke.com; Dr. Richard S. Appel, Financial Insights; James Finch and Julie Ickes, Stock Interview; Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst; and Dudley Baker of Precious Metals Warrants.

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