Gizmo's Paydirt® Supremo

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Gizmo's Paydirt® Supremo

$83.25 $185.00
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 Gizmo's Paydirt® Supremo Jar

The Gizmo Collection is our only paydirt that contains gemstones. The gems
that you may find in all of the Gizmos paydirts are rough Peridot, Rubies,
Sapphires, Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst and even Apache Tears. These bags contain roughly 80%
blonde sand & 20% magnetic black sand.

The Gizmo's Paydirt® Supremo Jar is guaranteed to contain at least 1 gram
of gold ranging from fines, flakes, pickers and from time to time even

By purchasing Gizmo's Paydirt® Supremo in a jar instead of a bag it
eliminates any possibility of being damaged in transit. Protect your next
order from a potential shipping tragedy!

Mining Location:
The Gizmo's Paydirt® line is our only paydirt that comes from Southern
Arizona. No two bags/jars are alike, we have had customers report finding
more than the guaranteed amount of gold on a weekly basis. The Gizmo's
Paydirt®  may very well be the best Gemstone paydirt from Arizona.

A true Gold Rush bag/jar of paydirt and its perfect for investing in gold,
gold panning practice, parties, teaching the kids and even for testing
your prospecting equipment.


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