Diablo's Pit PayDirt™ Jar

$105.60 $240.00 -56% OFF

Diablo's Pit PayDirt™ Jar

$105.60 $240.00

Our Diablos Pit paydirt is mined from a very secluded area near the Superstition Mountain in Arizona. In fact, the mine is an open-pit located in Tonto National Forrest. A lot of locals in the area will not enter these parts of the superstition mountain range as visitors are known to go in and never come out. 

We do our best to stay stocked on this particular paydirt, but from time to time we do run out. Although Diablos Pit is not our most popular paydirt it will surely cure the gold fever itch and you might even find a sacred nugget. 


-Great for beginners and pro panners

- It contains at least 1.5 grams of fines, pickers and possibly nuggets.

- Weight of 1.10 lbs of panning material. 

- 95% Blond sand & 5% Magnetite & Hematite "Magnetic Black Sand"

- Heat-sealed & tamper-proof jar.

- Secured in bubble wrap and shipped USPS Priority Mail.


Due To Supply Issues, This Product Will Be processed and delivered Between 30 and 45.

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