Belmont Paydirt

$17.10 $57.00 -70% OFF

Belmont Paydirt

$17.10 $57.00

Belmont paydirt is not only worth every penny it will keep you busy for at least an hour or two. Our Belmont bags come from the Belmont mountain in Arizona. And our land is a skip and a jump from the Belmont mine. These bags are guaranteed to contain gold and will come unclassified. They sell so well that our loyal customers can't get enough and we sell an average of roughly 4000 of them each month. 

- Perfect for beginners and pro panners

- It contains guaranteed gold from fines, pickers, and possible nuggets.

- weight of 5 lbs of panning material in each bag. 

- 95% Blond sand & 5% Magnetite & Hematite "Magnetic Black Sand"

- Secured in bubble peanuts and shipped USPS Priority Mail.


Due To Supply Issues, This Product Will Be processed and delivered Between 30 and 45.

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