20 Troy Ounces - Natural Gold Flakes


20 Troy Ounces - Natural Gold Flakes


Gold You Can Hold™

If you're looking for the lowest possible price on the internet for natural gold flakes then you have come to the right place. Lynch Mining® is now offering gold by the gram and troy ounce. All of Lynch Mining's gold flakes will be of the highest purity ranging from 20-23k. All gold will arrive in a custom Lynch Mining® sealed vial.

- Current Batch "21k Guaranteed" See Photos For Lab Results

- Natural Gold Flakes

- Lowest prices on the internet 

- Free Lynch Mining® vial

For orders over $100,000.00 please send your requests to support@lynchmining.com with your name, phone number, mailing address and we will be in touch by phone within 24 hours.

Due To Supply Issues, This Product Will Be processed and delivered Between 30 and 45.

30 Day Money Back

We offer 30 day money back on all unopened bags of paydirt.

FREE Shipping

Enjoy free shipping when your order exceeds $600

Lowest Price On Gold

We offer the lowest possible prices on gold guaranteed