Belmont Mountain Paydirt Bucket

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Belmont Mountain Paydirt Bucket

$89.80 $109.00
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Because our 5lb Bag is such a hit with our loyal fan base we decide to bring our the Belmont bucket! Our Belmont paydirt is not only worth every penny it will keep you busy for hours. Our Belmont bags come from the Belmont mountain in Arizona. And our land is a skip and a jump away from the Belmont mine. These buckets are guaranteed to contain gold and will come unclassified. Our 5lb bags sell so well that our loyal customers can't get enough as we average selling roughly 4000 of them each month. 

- Perfect for beginners and pro panners

- It contains guaranteed gold from fines, pickers, and possible nuggets.

- weight of 18-20 lbs of panning material in each bucket. 

- 95% Blond sand & 5% Magnetite & Hematite "Magnetic Black Sand"

- Secured with bubble peanuts and shipped UPS.

Belmont Bucket 1.25 Gallon

18 pounds of unclassified paydirt. 

Each bag will contain guaranteed gold. The amount of gold in each bag will vary. - Unsearched

This 18lb bucket is from the Belmont Mountain range of Arizona and contains small-sized flakes, pickers and maybe even a small nugget. This is an unsearched and unclassified bucket.


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