Alpha Paydirt Bag - **Limited Edition**

$116.16 $258.50 -56% OFF

Alpha Paydirt Bag - **Limited Edition**

$116.16 $258.50

Due To All The Requests, Alpha Bags Are Back For A Limited Time! 

Once they're gone, they're gone...

Alpha Paydirt™  Limited Edition Bag - "Only 100 Bags Available". Alpha is loaded with chunky gold as well as fine gold and comes from one of our Arizona mines that contains incredible amounts of copper ore, free copper, and nuggets. If your looking for that particular Bag, Jar, or Bucket that contains an abundance of chunky gold with a chance of finding natural copper nuggets then look no further than our Alpha Paydirt™. 

Each jar will contain 1lbs of panning material and will contain at least 1.5 grams of chunky gold, guaranteed! 

"Beginners should always take their time panning and only scoop 1 tablespoon at a time into their pans"

- Perfect for pros and a great learning experience for beginner panners. 

- It contains at least 1.5 grams of fines, pickers, and nuggets!

- Weight of 1lbs of panning material. 

- Heat-sealed tamper-proof Bag

- Secured in bubble wrap and shipped USPS Priority Mail.

- No two bags, jars or buckets are alike.


Due To Supply Issues, This Product Will Be processed and delivered Between 30 and 45.

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