9 1/2" Brass Coin Probe

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9 1/2" Brass Coin Probe

$4.99 $6.95

9.5-Inch Brass Coin Probe—a useful tool for treasure hunters, coin collectors, gold panning, etc. Coin probes are used to pinpoint your findings once the metal detector alerts you of treasure.

Features of our Brass Coin Probe include:
(1) Overall length: 9-½ inches
(2) Rod size: 6-¼ inches
(3) Thickness: 5 mm
(4) Material: non-marring brass

When and how to use your 9.5" Brass Coin Probe:
(1) Use a metal detector to find the target spot.
(2) Then use a small digging tool to dig a small plug and remove it.
(3) Re-scan the area with your metal detector to make sure your treasure was not in the plug you removed.
(4) Use your Brass Coin Probe to slowly probe the small hole you created and/or the plug you have removed.

Why you should use brass and not other metals:
Brass is non-marring, so you will not ruin the artifact, coin or metal you are searching for.

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