500 Lumen Headlamp

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500 Lumen Headlamp

$10.00 $95.00
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• 3-IN-1 Rechargeable Utility Light - HeadLamp, Bicycle Light & WorkLight
• 500 Lumen LED Bulb
 - Run Time : 2.5Hrs
• 3 Light Modes LED Bulb
 - Run Time : 2.5Hrs
• 100 Lumen COB Bulb
 - Solid White Run Time: 3Hrs
 - Flashing Red Run Time: 3.5Hrs
• Adjustable Headstrap
 - Attach this piece by snapping onto the rear of the light. Loop the headstrap ends through the side hooks to use as a Headlamp
• Integrated Side Magnet
• Bicycle Attachment
 - Attach this piece by sliding it into the center groove on the rear of the headstrap attachment. Use the silicone strap to adjust and mount to your bicycle
• Rechargeable 1200 MAH Battery
 - USB Charging Cable Included
 - Full Charge Time: 3Hrs
 - Red light will flash to indicate light is charging. When charging is complete the red light will remain solid. Light orange tab to reveal charging port.


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