15" Crucible Tongs

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15" Crucible Tongs

$9.99 $10.95

The crucible comes with a hardwood handle secured with a steel pin and is used with a crucible melting dish (not included). crucible tongs has a thumb screw to tighten the closed steel band around the crucible and is used to hold crucible melting dishes. Adjusted with Thumbscrew to secure the melting dish or to adjust to different size melting dishes or pots. Steel shaft is mounted and secured by a steel pin into wood handle to provide long lasting use. Crucible tongs used for holding your crucible melting dish to melt, pour & cast Gold, silver & copper holder is adjusted with Thumbscrew and steel shaft is mounted and secured into a wood handle holder is adjustable to diameters of: 3-1/8" to 3-1/4" handle material: wood crucible tongs weight: 6 oz

• Crucible Tongs
• Overall Length: 15”
• Holder Diameter: 3-1/8”
• For Melting, Pouring, Casting of Gold, Silver & Copper
• Box

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