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Vulture Paydirt
William Abernethy
Second order

Absolutely outstanding! First time trying out the Vulture and it proved to be several hours of fun.
I am really looking forward to getting some more of this soon!


Vulture Paydirt
Ryan Hahn



Fun to pan got what I paid for

Lynch is the best, you always get great gold at spot price you know exactly what to expect 👍👍

Gizmos paydirt

It was amazing will buy again

12.625g Gold Nugget
Darlinda Runck

Great gift, one of a kind!

Bentley's Paydirt®
Roger Milholland
Bentley's paydirt

Always fun. .never a let down. We will definitely do it again


Great time panning

Vulture Paydirt
John tonna
Bought Vulture Paydirt

Nice bag of gold bearing dirt, well worth the price, nice big flakes. Fun to find lots of gold, already bought another bag and plan on several more..Thks JT

Bentley's Bucket

This is an easy bucket to pan. All nice pieces of gold with no flakes or micro stuff. This would be a good choice for someone who wanted to try panning for the first time. I totally recommend getting it.

The belleview mountain paydirt was excellent for gold. I am not very tech savvy, and not able to take pictures to post pictures to post on here.but I will definitely be buying more 0f the belleview mountain paydirt. Gary H.

Great bag o dirt!

Panned this out practicing with a small gold claw. Ended up getting .23 grams, pretty good for an inexpensive bag. Thanks a bunch guys!!

Immortalize your love for your family by presenting them with rings made form Arizona Gold

One of the neatest things have done with pay dirt gold form Lynch Mining is to create golden 18K rings for my sons.I am slowly securing more for 4 grandsons.
In my life I have purchased paydirt from all over America with very different results and none that compare to the Gold, value, quality that has come from my purchases at Lynch. For Value there is simply no better gold product for sale anywhere. They truly are the "Gold standard" of the Paydirt and gold nuggets, that cannot be surpassed.
I spent 6 years buying from outfits located in Alaska, Montana, Carolinas, Virginia, California and was sorely disappointed in myself after my first few purchases with Lynch. The value, quality and consistency was better than anything I had bought before. I wished I had spent all my pay dirt dollars with them. I have their empty jars in my office and purchased a small kiln, some gold ring forms, and immortalized golden rings for my sons. I have a lot left over too. I did have jeweler guide me but the outcome was fantastic. Arizona gold is high karat, and a bright color I did not find elsewhere. Much of what I purchased earlier I have in a jar because the karat average was 14-16 after testing ea. sample I purchased. I bought a testing kit and know with assurity that what Lynch sells me is the best. As to value, none others compare.
Take a look at all the reviews. They are the real deal and I just purchased some bullion by the gram. After I get enough I will fulfill the rings for my grandsons.
Look at the precious metals prices on any day and what you get from Lynch's bullion is always very close to the price of gold. Period.
I have metal detected in the area that they mine but the little I was able to garner after many hot days in the sun, gas, and time spent, I realized the true value of having gold from the earth from a professional enterprise like Lynch Mining was much better.

Bentley's Paydirt®
John Stjerne

Bentley's Paydirt®

Vulture Paydirt
Michael Henderson
Vulture paydirt

Really enjoyed panning the paydirt out . I will probably order more soon

Loved it

It was everything I expected and more. Had a lot of fun panning Gizmo's Paydirt Suprermo XL. I will purchase again


Best pay dirt

Tried a lot of different paydirts and this one is the best. Recommend by a friend and he wasn't wrong


I enjoyed the experience

Delivered as Ordered

100% satisfied with my purchase of gold flakes and paydirt. Received my order even faster than originally promised. Can’t wait to make another purchase!

Finally. Gold !

Way more gold than expected.

Reserve Paydirt®
Willis Simpson

My wife and I were surprised by the best paydirt we saw far better than other paydirt... I am sure we come back again.

Nice Gold

Had gold in every pan. Enjoyed this bucket very much.

Bentley's Paydirt®
Daniel Hyde
great deal for the money, if you cant get out there to get it.

I want more more.