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I like what I see

I have bought hundreds of dollars in pay dirt over the last few years to pan with my kids and teach them during winter. Those bags I was lucky to get 0.03g of gold. With the Reserve XL I got 2.41g! 3 pieces were larger pickers almost nugget size. With the price of gold going up this is definitely a fun investment especially with panning with your kids/family. I think I need to buy more lol

38.081 gold nugget

i am very love it. i did order more when i have financial available. thank you

4 bags of Belmont Paydirt

Was very pleased with the results of my 4 bags of Belmont and have ordered two more bags. Will continue to buy more each time I have spare money


I hope I get 2 more of these buckets, plus the 400 dollar bucket, my bday is coming. I got more gold that what was paid for the bucket. Obviously 😁🍰😁 1.5g and I've still got dirt to pan.

First panning equipment

I am enjoying learning how to use panning equipment gold grabber my favorite the two pans size are great pickup tool is handy book on panning comes with set helpful information good deal 🤠


Had fun wife loved it got great gold


This product is great. Definitely a fun factor having gems and gold. The kids loved it


Bought these as gifts.

Gold Strike

We had so much fun learning how to use the gold pan & found $10 worth of gold in our bag to boot! Great Covid family fun.

XL Mega Jar

Was a great purchase, large pieces with allot of fines and flakes. We will definitely purchase another jar.... still waiting on our raffle win from December, very excited...
Signed, Happy Customer

LynchMining made my first panning experience great

Dealing with LynchMining left gold in my pocket this was my first experience with panning gold and the panning equipment I bought from Lynch was great my first paydirt was lynch mining small bag retrieved.18 grams I was happy with gold and experience 😎🎉🍺💨

Great as always.

It has not mattered what I have bought. Its always the same.
Best I have bought.
Will order more as funds become available.
Thank you.


I honestly have no clue as I bought these as gifts for family. But, I don't recommend you guys for nothing. Keep up the good work.

Awesome Findings

I buy pay dirt from many companies. I found more gold than the minimum amount for the product. Nice pickers and nuggets not much dust. Very pleased and will purchase from Lynch Mining again!

Belmont paydirt

Great product, had a good time panning this out

*NEW* Black Label Mega Paydirt

Great Deal

Like how fast it got to me. It keep me busy working it about 3 hours

Alpha pay dirt bucket

The bucket was amazing, The Gold just kept coming with every pan. Thanks!

*NEW* Belmont Paydirt XL Bucket (2.5 Gallon)

Fun pay dirt

It was fun to go through the dirt and got 10 nice sized pickers and some fine gold

Would buy again


Very happy with purchase!

Belmont Mountain Paydirt

Very happy!

Ordered 5 grams. Received 5 grams!