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great paydirt

I wanted a difficult paydirt and was not disappointed got all guaranteed gold plus ambit extra on the first panning and I know I missed some and I'll go thru it again very happy with this product will buy again thanks

Belmont Mountain Paydirt

Very good deal for the price. Would buy again. Very good dirt to pan and to improve panning.

Great roi

This was great dirt for panning and perfecting my skills it had the correct amount. And was fun to pan.

Great Dirt

I enjoyed showing my grand daughters how to pan not only did we found gold they panned gems also. Gonozo pay dirt didn't let me down. I panned enough that this afternoon cost me $0

The Pic'in is GOOD!

Great little bucket. Small pickers every pan

Gold in the first pan

This is some really good paydirtt found gold in just about every pan not even finished and still have a lot of fine gold to get definitely worth the money will buy more for sure !!!

Vulture Paydirt Bucket - Unclassified

Never disappointed

I recovered close to 6 grams of good sized nuggets (largest was 1.8 grams) and a little over 1 gram of flakes. 7.24 grams so far with some black sand concentrates that are sure to contain a little flour. I’d buy the bucket again.


I’m never disappointed in these products.

Reserve Paydirt® XL
Kenneth Waggoner

Reserve Paydirt® XL

Very challenging pay dirt had fun lots of it

Loved this dirt

I just posted my review on Bayou Gold Guy, of my first lynch mining pay dirt. I got my order, two 10 oz bags, in within 5 days. Lots of black sand and magnetite. And .21g and .22g from each bag, and a great ROI. I would highly recommend the 10-oz bag of Original pay dirt. If you leave the magnetite in, you'll be spending at least a couple of hours, if not more finding some beautiful gold. A tablespoon at a time would probably be a good idea. Also the postage is the same for 1, or 3 bags, so I would recommend 3! 😀
Thank you for some fun dirt.


the belmont paydirt was alot of fun to pan . i had a great time going threw the dirt looking for gold ,thank you . i will order again real soon seeyaa.....

Reserve Paydirt® XL
Great gold

Another great jar of paydirt with lots of gold. You get what you pay for and more! Better than other others.

Great challenge

This 10 oz pay dirt was a great challenge. Lots of black sand and at least fourteen colors in each of the four bags. I used a magnet on two of the bags to aid in the panning. For the cost, $17, it was a very pleasurable experience. If all the bags you produce have such a great and exciting return, I commend and recommend you all for any skill level of panning.

Best paydirt available!

Look, if your orfering paydirt looking to score big with a huge ROI, your in for a hole in your pocket. They have to make money and paydirt is a business. But, Lynch has the most gold rich paydirt of all the paydirt I have purchased from all over the world!

Lots of gold, fine gold in every scoop.

Love Bentley!

I enjoyed this jar. I liked that I don't have to look for flour gold. No blue bowl this time. Got a nugget & lots of pickers. Love that they remembering & honoring Bentley this way.

Belmont Mountain Paydirt Bucket

Vulture pay dirt bucket

Excellent value and content.

4.033g Gold Nugget
Tom Anderson

Nice !!

Belmont Mountain Paydirt
William Allison

Belmont Mountain Paydirt

Lots gems and decent gold

I got a lot of amethyst and shiny Gold! Thanks

12.918g Gold Nugget
Darrell Duncan
Good Place to buy your GOLD

These are some rare hard to find nuggets !
Best price I have found -
Good investment I hope

Value in a Bottle

One needs not wait so long between acquiring an ounce of coin gold. 5 Grams - Natural Gold Flakes is a new sense of a one/sixth ounce coin. It's a great solution to having to store hundreds of pounds of Ag. Thank you Lynch Mining, LLC.