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Alpha Paydirt™
Randy Lyda
Monthly and alpha


Great product

Lynch mining is the real deal and will do what they can to make the customer happy


I only buy from Lynch Mining anymore for the last 2 years .

Lynch Mining Original
Ralph Betcher
Got some Shiney

I like Lynch Mining. Their paydirt is quality and not just a scoop of play ground sand with a few flakes tossed in. Lynch garenteies and stands behind the procuts they sell. Whether a bag of paydirt or some cool treads. Lynch Mining won't rob you or cheat you out your money...
These Lynch Original bags are fun. I bought 7 of them and am in the process of classifying them all from +10 to -110 and into my containers. Got 3 more bags to go, then start running them thruogh my blue bowl recovery system...
Love this stuff...

Lynch Mining Original
Charles LaTre

Lynch Mining Original

It had 7 grams in it

Lynch Mining Original
Paul Carbajal
Lynch Mining Original

Great pay dirt! Always fun panning your guys paydirt. Always find some great shiny in it. Thanks Lynch. In the future, I'd sure like to do some Video Reviews. 👍👍👍👍👍

Lynch Mining Original
Timothy Garrick

Lynch Mining Original

Lynch Mining Original
Edward Jacobs
Outstanding Paydirt

Your Paydirt always puts a big smile on my face !! I’m retired Navy & on a fixed budget so I’m slightly held back on spending. I do a panning Preview on my YouTube channel Chief Stacker & shoutouts on my Instagram page ELJ2222. I love to brag about your product all the time !!

Great paydirt for most skill levels.

This was some great paydirt. I have a blast with panning it out. Not too difficult or too easy. Would recommend this paydirt to anyone.

Lynch Mining Original
James Dohrmann
Great Paydirt!

I bought two Lynch Mining Original paydirt bags and had a great time panning the dirt. Careful of the floating flakes! I would definitely purchase again.


It's winter in montana, to cold to pan out side. Wife won't let me pan inside! Was digging through the Nugget bucket and found a 4.456 Nugget omg Holly shister if your wondering lynch is the best!!!! Waiting for spring to go through the rest!!! 10 star paydirt company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bentley's Paydirt
tracy yost

My first paydirt and it was a thrill to see the chunky yellow gold. The gift to the needy dogs is also a high mark for this paydirt.

Lynch Mining Original
Stephanie Joseph


Quality....... as usual

just as with the paydirt, anything associated with Lynch Mining you can count on a quality product

Awesome paydirt

Had a great time panning this with my son. When we were done we had almost a half gram out of our bag. I will leave a picture when im done with my next 3 bags, of the gold total for all 4 bags i have bought.

Nice, wife liked them.

Could be a big selling item, you might include other apparel items for people who like gold products. You have absolutely the best gold products.

I enjoyed the original pay dirt.

Out of four bags I got a gram. So it paid for it self!


it took me 2 days to pan it twice.----got alot of the heavy gold on the 2nd day....received 3 grams above my 1 ounce gaurantee....thank you....

Love this stuff.

This is the best stuff. The folks at Lynch Mining truly do have their #2 together....always exceeding what gold they say is in the dirt. Wont buy dirt from anyone else....ha...plus, I won the year end bucket raffle this year. Love this stuff!!!

1 gram natural gold flakes

Prompt delivery, just what I ordered. Thanks

Black Label Paydirt®
Phillip Winfrey

Recovered 1.1g of chunky gold, very satisfied, will buy again.

Lynch Mining Original
brian kucharek

The payment that I did receive seemed pretty good but I guess in the shipping the boys in blue were not very nice to it because the bags were all busted open.not your problem I guess.but what I did get was thumbs up

again, not disappointed.

purchased 2 buckets both had a lot of nice size little nuggets 1 weighing 1.12grams and nice size pickers. Wish I could purchase this for the monthly paydirt club will purchase again. Its nice having to work a little for the reward.

5 Grams - Natural Gold Flakes