*NEW* Reserve Paydirt® Mega

$272.80 $620.00 -56% OFF

*NEW* Reserve Paydirt® Mega

$272.80 $620.00

Reserve Paydirt® Mega

The Lynch Mining Reserve Paydirt® Mega is our newest product to the Reserve Collection and it's our only paydirt that comes with at least 4 grams of gold guarantee. This is the same exact dirt that the Black Label Mega paydirt comes from. The difference between the two is the black label paydirt is concentrated all the way down to 98% black sand. Every Jar of Reserve Mega paydirt will contain at least 3 pounds of roughly 60% blonde sand and 40% magnetic black sand. 

Mining Location:

The Reserve MEGA Paydirt™ comes from a private placer operation located in the heart of Arizona's gold country. After excavating we bring in our industrial vacuum to suck up all the material until we can clearly see all the bedrock etc... After vacuuming we take one last step to classify the material to eliminate any rocks or pebbles and from here we use this material to restock inventory.

By purchasing Reserve Mega paydirt in a jar instead of a bag it eliminates any possibility of being damaged in transit. Protect your next order from a potential shipping tragedy! 

Due To Supply Issues, This Product Will Be processed and delivered Between 30 and 45.

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